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2016-05-23 08.48.53Outdoor space is a real boon to life today and is something that can either make or break a property’s appeal.  If you’re a Property Manager, then the chances are you know how valuable your green space is to either your tenants or your residents.  Irrespective of whether the land outside your property is purely functional or is intended for pleasure, it’s often the only thing the outside world sees.  For this reason, it’s essential that you invest in making sure it looks its best and its potential is maximised; and we can help you do that.

Here are just some of the landscaping services we’re most commonly asked to provide:

A great looking and functional design is key to getting the most from any green space, irrespective of whether it’s residential or commercial.  If you’re a Property Manager who suspects that more could be made of the outside space at your properties; either to make your properties more attractive or to make them more cost efficient, we can help. With a highly experienced Landscape Architect on our team, we are confident that we will provide you with a solution that will tick all your short and long term boxes, plus a whole lot more. Why not get in touch now to find out more? 

A garden design service is good and well, but if what you’re left with is a stunning visual, a list of plants and no way of pulling it all together, then you’re worse off than when you started.  This is why at Clean Sweep Services, we can either design and plant your green areas or we can come in after the design has been agreed and do the planting for you.  Working this way means that you have the flexibility to have the solutions that work best for you and you get your job finished on time and on budget, so your outdoor space can start to add value again to your property.  If you’d like to find our more about our planting services, why not get in touch now? 

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There are few things that scream out lack of care than overgrown grass, hedges that need trimming and weeds growing all over the place.  On the basis that your outside space is a really important part of the first impression your property makes, it’s essential to have a rigorous and sustainable maintenance programme.  Working with Clean Sweep Services, you tell us what you want done and when; then we take up the challenge and deliver.  Once you’ve engaged our garden maintenance service, you can sit back and enjoy what your outside space has to offer without taking on the headaches of organising cutting grass, trimming hedges and pulling up weeds.  Why not get in touch now to find out more? 


Weeds can play havoc with healthy plants if left untreated.  It’s such a shame to invest in a stunning garden design and good looking plants only to leave them to be destroyed by weeds.  Most gardens need weeding at some point or another, no matter how minimalist the design, which is why at Clean Sweep Services we offer a weeding and spraying service tailored to your specific needs.  Delivered on a regular or one off basis according to your needs, our teams will come and relieve you of your weed problem, leaving your plants healthy and blooming.  If you’d like to find out more, why not get in touch now? 

2016-06-09 15.56.08-4If you happen to be reading this page of our website during the autumn months, you won’t need any reminder of what a nightmare fallen leaves can be.  Blowing about your green areas with every gust of wind and making your outside space look unloved and uncared for, they can be a real challenge to get under control.  If you’d like help to get your fallen leaves under control, all you need to do is get in touch today to arrange a no obligation discussion.

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