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Client Problem:  In our business we need to be reliable and flexible in our service provision.  We require regular, ongoing cleaning and garden maintenance and we also often need additional services at short notice or during anti-social hours. We need service providers who listen to our requirements, who provide cost effective solutions and who deliver the services required.

Clean Sweep Services Solution:  Vinnie personally visited our properties, he listened carefully to our requirements and within 48 hours delivered a detailed proposal which was progressive and meet all our criteria. We have now been working with Clean Sweep Services for 8 years and continue to be impressed by Vinnie, his teams, their reliable service and the continued value they bring through innovation and cost solutions.


Ak Property LogoClient Problem:  Aware that our properties were starting to look a little bit ‘tired’ compared to some of the new alternatives, we were on the lookout for a property maintenance company who could help us retain our tenants and avoid ‘To Let’ signs over the doors.

Clean Sweep Services Solution:  When we met with Clean Sweep Services, it was immediately clear that they understood our position.  We had a limited budget, but really needed help to keep our properties looking their best and to make us aware of any ongoing issues so we could proactively keep our tenants happy.  Vinnie from Clean Sweep Services created a schedule that allowed for regular updates as well as the thorough level of maintenance we insisted upon.  This has allowed us to stay ahead of any potential issues at the same time as keeping our costs in control.  Working with Clean Sweep Services is a real win/win.

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