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As a Property Manager it goes without saying that maintaining your property and your outside space is priority.  Cleaning, garden maintenance and other property maintenance issues are high on your agenda, but you also have lots of other things to think about.  At Clean Sweep Services, we understand that in the ideal world your property and outside space would be cared for and maintained by someone who places its importance as high as you do.  Unfortunately, not all property maintenance providers share that pride and vision.  We do, and that’s what our clients tell us makes us different.

When your property and garden are looked after correctly and with the right level of care, not only do they become a more pleasant and safer environment for the people who use them, but they also retain and grow their value accordingly.  In today’s competitive property marketplace, it’s essential that your property stands out from the crowd.  We understand that and we do all we can to be your eyes and ears as well as the team that delivers cleanliness and order.

If you’re looking for a new property maintenance partner, when you choose Clean Sweep Services, you get a team that understands your vision for property, shares your pride in creating the right impression and provides that all-important proactive feedback that will help you stay in control, peacefully and confidently.  And we think you’ll be surprised by our competitive pricing too!

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At Clean Sweep Services our service philosophy is that we are here to take care of YOU

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At Clean Sweep Services trust is top priority, both at a company level and on an individual level

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We make sure that we deliver our services at a competitive price so that you can use your time to bring efficiencies to your business.

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